TS1000F 360˚ High-Resolution Speakers



Art meets Sound

Egretta TS1000F is a high resolution 360˚ panoramic sound speaker. TS1000F employs new speaker technology to deliver high precision ultra-wide range natural live sounding audio. There is no front or back, you hear the same amazing sound everywhere. TS1000F uses our newly co-developed Heil Driver system, made with Polymer Clay Composite advanced material. The diaphragm film is compressed into accordion shape and vibrates sideways to produce hypersonic seamless sound range beyond 50khz. 

Egretta TS1000F white outer shell is sculpted with Shikkui plaster. Shikkui is a traditional Japanese lime plaster made of slaked lime, sea weed, and plant fiber. Perfected and used by Japanese craftsman for over a century. With it’s Unique design and technological advances, no other speaker in its class is capable of such deep base and hypersonic highs. Egretta TS1000F panoramic sound concept produce the finest most natural sound. 

 “These speakers are not made to hide behind a cabinet, they are for prominent display in your space" -  Ray Stewart