The TS1000 has won many awards and getting great reviews, including Good Design Award and Audio Instrument Award (Audio-Meiki Award). Innovative design, carefully curated material and precise manufacturing, all signs of the TS1000 series high-quality of sound. Egretta speakers are bringing listeners into a new world of sound.  


The Egretta TS1000F comes equipped with high-resolution ultrasound capabilities. It's the world's first and only speaker made with Polymer Clay Composite. Since the discovery of its potential as film for Heil’s AMT, we’ve researched and studied ways to pursue better acoustic characteristics. We developed our own technology to process this special film as diaphragms. As a result we now are able to make high-performance speakers with an unbelievable high range that exceeds 50khz in hyper-sonic range from an audible threshold.  

We worked with Sumitomo Seika Chemicals Co., LTD and National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) to co-developed this new innovative "Polymer Clay Composite"  

The TS1000F has no front or back. This design coupled with omni sound technology provides a perfect stereoscopic 360° atmosphere. You can feel the three-dimensional sound depth giving you a sense of realism, as if you are standing on stage with live instruments. Listeners can hear identical sound regardless of their positions in a room.  

As a high-resolution speaker, it’s important how we position locate (distant from) floor, for best sound quality. Equipped with dedicated (uniquely designed) insulator for strong bass sound, you can get rich bass sound to ultra-high note range without stress. For the purpose of providing the best sound space, we used a reflector design for the tweeters. This makes it possible to bring you the highest resolution sound from wall to wall. 



The principal raw material is clay and it's exclusive to Egretta speakers. In most types of speakers a high polymeric material is used.